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Sunrise & Sunset Times

For The East and West Coasts of Scotland 2013

West Coast

Date Sunrise Sunset Length of Day
15-Jan 08:38 16:50 8h 11m 28s
15-Feb 07:51 17:47 9h 56m 24s
15-Mar 06:49 18:39 11h 50m 23s
15-Apr 06:36 20:36 14h 01m 29s
15-May 05:38 21:25 15h 47m 24s
15-Jun 05:10 22:00 16h 50m 07s
15-Jul 05:29 21:51 16h 21m 50s
15-Aug 06:17 21:00 14h 43m 16s
15-Sep 07:09 19:49 12h 40 41s
15-Oct 08:00 18:39 10h 38m 47s
15-Nov 08:20 17:03 8h 43m 29s
15-Dec 08:40 16:20 7h 39m 41s

East Coast

Date Sunrise Sunset Length of Day
15-Jan 08:32 16:37 8h 05m 03s
15-Feb 07:43 17:36 9h 53m 05s
15-Mar 06:39 18:29 11h 50m 01s
15-Apr 06:25 20:26 14h 00m 23s
15-May 05:25 21:19 15h 53m 30s
15-Jun 04:56 21:55 16h 58m 27s
15-Jul 05:16 21:45 16h 29m 09s
15-Aug 06:05 20:53 14h 47m 28s
15-Sep 06:59 19:40 12h 41m 39s
15-Oct 07:52 18:29 10h 36m 39s
15-Nov 08:10 16:48 8h 38m 08s
15-Dec 08:34 16:06 7h 32m 12s
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